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Clicker in English is Clicker. It is a communication tool that emits a clear “click” sound. It is a communication tool created with animals based on scientifically proven animal learning principles. The clicker does not need to scold animals during the training process. It only needs to build trust with each other so that it knows how to think and positively strengthen what we want it to do. The clicker will make a sound when pressed. When the dog makes the action you want, press the clicker to make a sound, and then reward the dog so that the dog understands that the clicker will make a sound, and you can add Cue later.

So this food for rewarding dogs is called Treat in clicker training. At first, let the dog associate the click and treat, and then slowly add a password. Clicker Training is such a win-win training method. It is not so much a training method as a game played by people and pets.


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